A sport where the only limitation is your imagination!

E.S.T. SUCA is a gymnastics and cheerleading association for students.

Have you always wanted to fly or to throw and catch people? Follow your dreams! At the SSC, SUCA organizes cheerleading lessons. The practices are just like the ones you know from The States, with jumps, tumbling and most of all stunts. We don’t use pompons. New members are always welcome: both men 

and women! Experience is not necessary, but we do ask you to attend (nearly) all training sessions. You can just join in sportswear and (clean indoor) sports shoes.

We offer weekly training sessions for our cheerleaders. The training sessions are at the sports center of the TU/e in the Dojo every Wednesday, 17h30-19h. Since this year, we have been training biweekly at gymnastics hall Vijfkamp on Mondays, 21h00-22h30. In September and October on Wednesdays, all our trainings are Open Training. Try and experience cheerleading!

The cheerleading training sessions are supervised by Amber van Es.

If you are interested, you can join the Dutch nationals. In the past years, some of our stunt groups competed and won several prizes. Our cheerleading team is called UCE: University Cheerleading Eindhoven.


Cheerleading is a team sport. Therefore, we have activities for team bonding.

We have dinner together and movie nights, we go to cheerleading camp, have city trips and many more!


Interested? Send us an e-mail and visit our training.

If you have any questions please contact us on cheerleading.suca@gmail.com

Cheerleading 2016