Om je beter te kunnen voorbereiden op de wedstrijd hebben we een aantal basic routines voor jou uitgewerkt.
Binnenkort worden deze hier geupload, maar voorlopig kun je er hier ook vinden.

Neem contact op met het bestuur of de wedstrijdcommissie voor meer informatie over de wedstrijden, de inschrijving, routines, trainingen, etc.

For those who are going for the first time to a student competition you can expect this.
– It’s called NSTC (Nederlands studenten turn competitie) or NSK (Nederlands studenten kampioenschap). Its actually the same, difference doesn’t really matter

– We have different kind of competitions
o All-round (you do all apparatus)                   May 25th, 2019

o Apparatus (you can choose which apparatus you can compete, medals at every apparatus)
o Jumping (like on a trampoline and air track, you can participate alone or in a team)
o Team competition (participate in a team)
We have like 5 competitions a year




– All competitions are organized by other sister student gymnastics associations in the Netherlands. They will take place in their city in a furnished hall (like Vijfkamp), or rent apparatus for their own sports hall. All competitions have a theme, it’s nice to dress up like the theme for the party, but if you proceed the theme during your routine you will most likely get bonus points

– We have 6 ladies levels and 5 men’s level (ask competition committee, which level is suitable for you)

– A competition day exists of 2 or 3 competition rounds in which, in every round, different levels are competing. (you do 1 competition)

– After the competition, we have dinner with all sister associations

– Price ceremony is before/after dinner and sometimes at the party

– After dinner is a huge party

– After the party, you can sleep over (mostly in a sports hall) so bring your own sleeping stuff

– Thereafter there is a breakfast, normally everybody leaves around 11`ish

– Prices:
o Competition 10€
o Eating around 5€
o Breakfast and sleeping around 5€
o Party around 5€
The full package is never more than 25€
Suca will pay your first competition!


About GNSK – incl. Student Gymnastics Competition
Saturday, June 15th @Amsterdam
Costs: Less than €43 for the full weekend

GNSK is a big student competition, like an NSTC but with all kind of sports like soccer, rugby, tennis and multiple other sports at the same time. You compete in teams for the city where you study. It’s a huge competition weekend in Amsterdam! The main planning is arriving on Friday 14th of June, put up some tents (go party) and have a nice sleep. 15th is competition day which will end with a huggggeee party! on the 16th are also competitions but for other sports, not for us. Most important is that you are available the 15th. the price for the full experience is 43€

You will get:
Deelname aan een groot nationaal toernooi met voldoende wedstrijden;
Slaapplek op de camping;
2x ontbijt;
2x lunch;
1x diner;
Openingsfeest op vrijdag;
Groot feest op zaterdag;
En natuurlijk heel veel gezelligheid!

there is no option for siging up particial things.
What is important that you are studying at Fontys or TUE, or you graduated last year from one of those universities.
Teams exist of maximum 6 people, at least 3. 4 can do an apparatus, 3 scores will count
Women1: ladies 1+2
Women2: ladies 3+4
Women3: Ladies 5+6
Men1: Men 1+2
Men2: Men 3+4
You are not allowed to downgrade your normal level, you can go higher. there are sanctions like 100 or 150€ for false subscriptions.
Please take a look in your agenda if you are available and if you are allowed to join the competition. If you aren’t sure you can check here: