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Suca’s Night Out – Do 18 april
@ ‘t Lempke 23:00 uur

Aerial Silks – Zo 28 april 
Workshop voor Suca leden
Suca Gala – Vr 10 mei
Gala voor Suca leden +1
NSK Meerkamp – Za 25 mei
@ Wageningen ; Turnwedstrijd
Funastics – Za 8 juni
@ SSC ; Workshops
GNSK – Za 15 juni
@ Amsterdam ; Turnwedstrijd (SUSA-cup)

april 2019

ma di wo do vr za zo

Suca’s Night Out – Thu April 18th
@ ‘t Lempke 23:00 uur; Party, Dancing
Check the Facebook event for more information. Exclusive deals for Suca members.
Aerial Silks – Sun April 28th 
Workshop for Suca members. Check Facebook event.
We know how to be acrobatic in gymnastic ways. How will we do in tissu?
Suca Gala – Fri May 10th
Gala for Suca members +1
Our annual Suca gala will arrive soon! Every Suca member can bring a +1 from outside Suca. Buy your tickets via Facebook.

NSK Allround – Sat May 25th
@ Wageningen; Gymnastics Competition
You can compete on your own level. Only students are allowed.
Within Suca we have members who can help you to create a routine.
Get ready and practice the various apparatus.
Funastics – Sat June 8th
@ SSC ; Workshops
Funastics is an event for NSTB members. Every year, a student gymnastics association organizes workshops for gymnasts from the whole Netherlands. This year it’s our turn. The Funastics will happen at the Student Sport Center Eindhoven. We will start the day with workshops. Afterward, we need to replenish our energy with dinner. Then we’ll dance the night away at the Funastics’ party. Luckily, we arranged a sleepover and breakfast to finish this event. Make sure you’re joining this all!

This year the event is in Eindhoven, so you must join.
During this event, our cheerleaders will show you what they’ve learned this year!
GNSKSat June 15th
@ Amsterdam; SUSA-cup Gymnastics Competition
GNSK is an abbreviation for Groot Nederlands Studenten Kampioenschap, that’s Great Dutch Student Championship. There will be many competitions for many different sports, including gymnastics. You don’t have to be a Suca member to join, but you have to be a student in Eindhoven at the moment. (Or just graduated in 2017/2018.) Contact us if you’re interested.

The main planning is arriving on Friday the 14th of June, put up some tents (go party) and have a nice sleep. 15th is competition day which will end with a huggggeee party! On the 16th are also competitions but for other sports, not for us. Most important is that you are available the 15th. The maximum price for the full experience is €43. Sign up before April 19th.

Teams exist of maximum 6 people, at least 3. 4 can do an apparatus, 3 scores will count.
Women1: ladies 1+2
Women2: ladies 3+4
Women3: Ladies 5+6
Men1: Men 1+2
Men2: Men 3+4
You are not allowed to downgrade your normal level, you can go higher. there are sanctions like 100 or 150€ for false subscriptions.

Please take a look at your agenda if you are available and if you are allowed to join the competition. If you aren’t sure you can check here:


We don’t call them actual opening hours, but we are ‘closed’ during the holidays. So, no training on the following dates:
– April 19th (Goede Vrijdag/ Good Friday)
– April 22nd (2e Paasdag/ Easter Monday)
– May 30th & 31st (Hemelvaart/ Ascension Thursday)
– June 10th (2e Pinksterdag/ Whit Monday (Pentecost))
We have a summer holiday from July 6th till September 1st.