This year’s Funastics is sponsored by Butlaroo. Thanks to Butlaroo, we can maintain low prices for the Funastics.
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Mark the date of June 8th and 9th, because then FUNASTICS 2019 will take place in Eindhoven! This year, Suca is organizing this event and it is going to be a weekend with a lot of FUN. During the day there will be 3 nice workshops to participate in, and in the evening we will take care of dinner and a sparkling party. Bring your masks and weird outfits, because the theme is Cirque du Suca! After the party, there is the possibility to sleepover in the gym. It will be a wonderful day! It will take place at the SSCE. Make sure you subscribe before the 1st of June.

For who?

This year, the Funastics is organized by student gymnastics and cheerleading association Eindhoven Suca for members of the NSTB.

Workshops + day planning

On each day from April 29, one workshop will be revealed on the hidden page.  The password is the abbreviation of the university in Eindhoven.

At the Funastics, student gymnasts from all over the Netherlands are welcome to learn something else than gymnastics during the given workshops. Try a new sport with your fellow gymnasts! The workshops for this year will be revealed on the hidden page.

There are three events during the Funastics:
1) workshops,
2) dinner,
3) party and sleepover and breakfast.
You can join them all separately, e.g. only party and sleepover and breakfast, or only workshops, or only workshops and party. It’s up to you; make your choices on the subscription form. If you want to change any subscription details, you can still edit them by emailing us before June 1.

The maximum costs of the Funastics are €25 per person. After the event, your association’s board will receive an invoice of the actual costs, which, as mentioned earlier, cannot be more than €25 per person. You only pay for the event(s) you subscribed for. The estimated (maximum**) costs of the events are workshops €10, dinner €6, party + sleepover and breakfast €8. (**We try very hard to stay under the stated costs, but it might differ. Nevertheless, it will never be more than €25 in total.**)

What do I need to bring:

Things to think about:

  1. Workshops
    – Sports clothing, e.g. indoor sports shoes, sports legging, shirt.
    – Things you bring to training, e.g. a bottle of water, sunscreen.
  2. Dinner / Breakfast
    – Your appetite.
  3. Party
    – Cirque du Suca outfit
    Bankcard to buy more drinks or snacks. / Phone for contactless payment.
  4. Overnight stay
    – Something for on the floor, e.g. sleeping mat, airbed.
    – Something to cover yourself with: duvet cover, a blanket, sleeping bag.
    – Sleeping accessories, e.g. pillow, makeup remover, medicine, pajamas, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, phone charger, lenses liquid. Code: TU/e
    – Shower accessories, e.g. shampoo, towel, clean clothes, flipflops.

Location: Student Sports Center Eindhoven (SSCE)

Train: Take the train to station Eindhoven. (Just Eindhoven, not Eindhoven something.) You can find the buses on the north side of the station. A bit further on the north side of the train station, exit the station and go to the right, is the *TU/e campus. On the other side of the train station, is the city center. (*TU/e: Eindhoven University of Technology)

Walk: The SSCE is located on the TU/e campus, which is next to the train station of Eindhoven (north side, NOT-city center side) (5 min). However, the SSCE is on the other side of the campus, which is still a 15 minutes walk. The road over the university campus is furnished with nice trees and grass and lays next to the river Dommel. You won’t get lost, follow the river. 😉

Bus: To reduce the amount of walking (Why would you, it’s a great exercise?), it is possible to take the bus. The buses leave about every 10 minutes; you can check the schedule here.
For buses 3 and 4, leave the bus at bus stop MMC Eindhoven.
For buses 157 and 305, leave the bus at bus stop TU Eindhoven.
For bus 6, leave the bus at bus stop Hermes Remise.

Car: The street you’re looking for is
Onze Lieve Vrouwestraat 1
5612AW Eindhoven.
There are parking spots at the campus (Simon Stevinplein, De Lismortel, Het Eeuwsel, De Lampendriessen). Some students might find those prices for parking high. It is also possible to park on the ring, the main road surrounding the campus. There are numerous other options near the campus or in the city center.


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