The E.S.T. Suca (where E.S.T. stands for Eindhoven Students’ Gymnastics Club in Dutch) provides both men’s and women’s artistic gymnastics and cheerleading practice under the supervision of experienced trainers. Students of different levels are training together in an informal and friendly atmosphere. Since the Suca is a club for students, various nice activities are organized in addition to the trainings, such as going out together at least once each month, dinners, a Freshman Activity, excursions and exchanges with other clubs.

Of course, it is also possible to participate in national competitions: the so-called National Students’ Gymnastics Competitions (NSTCs), Dutch Student Championships (NSKs) and Dutch Cheerleading Association (NK). Every year there are two NSTCs, two NSKs and two NKs and the atmosphere during the meets is really good and fun.
In contrast to what most people think, gymnastics and cheerleading consist of both men and women. Not only flexibility and strength but also friendship and having a good time are essentials of Suca.

Are you or have you been a gymnast and do you want to continue doing gymnastics during your time as a student in Eindhoven? Come and join a training, but please do send us an e-mail at least one day in advance in which you briefly introduce yourself, so that we will be prepared for your presence during the training.

Have you always wanted to fly or throw and catch people? Come and train with us at the SSC!
During the first eight weeks of the first semester (September and October) it will be possible to come and explore the wondrous world of cheerleading. Starting in November, the squad will take its final form for the season, so make sure to check it out in time! If you would like to join later in the year, please contact the squad first.

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Here’s an old video of SUCA competing in a student gymnastics competition.

Suca is one of the many student gymnastics associations affiliated with NSTB: