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Happy Easter everyone!
For our National Cheerleading Team, we wish you also a good journey!
We said goodbye to…

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May 25th, Nederlands Studenten Kampioenschap Meerkamp Turnen @Wageningen
June 15th, Groot Nationaal Studenten Kampioenschap, Turnen @Amsterdam
For those who are going for the first time to a student competition you can expect this.
– It’s called NSTC (Nederlands Studenten Turn Competitie) or NSK (Nederlands Studenten Kampioenschap). Its actually the same, difference doesn’t really matter
– We have different kind of competitions
o all-around (you do all apparatus…

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Welcome to the website of E.S.T. SUCA!

We are the gymnastics and cheerleading student association of Eindhoven. As a student, you can learn cheerleading and gymnastics from scratch, but also continue improving your skills. We mostly train at the sports center at TU Eindhoven, participate in multiple competitions during the year and organize a lot of diverse and fun activities for our members.

See our Facebook en Instagram account for pictures.

Our events are described in agenda.

On our website, you can find information about our training sessions, more information about E.S.T. SUCA and how to become a member. If you are curious or have questions for us, you can always send us an email!
Contact the board for gymnastics: and for cheerleading:

Here you can see an impression of our gymnastics and cheerleading training sessions and competitions:

For more videos, check our YouTube account.

Our most recent posts can be found here.